If you have problems with fungi, no matter if they are in the mouth, on your skin or in the intimate zone, try this simple recipe to solve the problem, and all ingredients needed for this can be found in the kitchen.

Candida is a micro fungi from the family of yeast. Most of these fungi live in the symbiosis with the human, but if they come to a wrong place they can produce infection.

The most common case of infection is candidiasa producing “Candida albicans” one of the fungi from the Candida family. These fungi usually can be found on the skin, in the intestines or genital tract, mouth and throat.

If you have problems with Candida, we present to you a simple recipe for solving this problem, and all ingredients for effectively removing Candida can be found in your kitchen.

You need: 1 glass yogurt, 2 garlic heads, 1 carrot, half spoon ginger, half spoon cinnamon.

Preparation: grind the carrot, the garlic and ginger, and then add them in the yogurt. Add the cinnamon and mix it good. Leave the mixture for a little and eat it as a salad once a day.