Ginger enhances the digestion and speeds the fat burn, strengthens the metabolism up to 20 % and helps throwing out the toxins from the body.All these characteristics make ginger irreplaceable assistant in the diets.Ginger helps the skin stay young for a long period of time. With the ginger tea you can wash your face once a week and it will help you look fresh and young.

How to make ginger tea to lose weight:

Put in a thermos ( for the busy ladies) thin pieces of ginger root, add hot water and drink during the day ( any time or half an hour before a meal).This recipe for losing weight with ginger tea is recommended to those who want to lose a lot of kilograms for a short period of time.Ginger, lemon and water. Slice the ginger and the lemon and cover them with hot water. Leave them alone for half an hour. Drink the tea during the hole day.