Diabetes is often a life-threatening disease which unfortunately affects a big part of the world’s population. The disease can affect many body parts and may cause damage to the kidney and nerves and could lead to amputation and blindness! Despite science’s best efforts, there’s no cure for diabetes yet except for insulin shots.

According to the Diabetes Federation, the Philippines are quickly becoming a hotspot for the disease. However, a doctor from the small country is now claiming that there is a miracle cure against diabetes!

Dr. Jamie Dy-Liacco is a former doctor of Metabolic Medicine who has dedicated his life and career to finding a cure for diabetes. The 82-year old doctor says that eating too much sweets is not the cause of the disease – a deficiency of 6 minerals is. Consuming the proper amount of these minerals will allow you to eat as many sweets as you like. His work led him to the discovery of a great natural remedy against diabetes. Here’s how to prepare it:


2 raw eggs

Half a teaspoon of sea salt

12 chili peppers


Cut and grind the peppers first, then add the salt and eggs and mix everything well. Drink the mixture fresh, and you will defeat the disease soon!