Usually when we have a headache we reach for a pill. Maybe we solve the problem right away but what if it becomes more often, than we have a more serious problem. Pills are as bad for the body as good they can be, because they are made out of different chemicals with strong effect. Headache can be unpleasant and even harden the daily routines. Instead of reaching for a pill, try to make this natural medicine, which will help your headache and not have a bad effect on the rest of your organs.


  • 2 lemons
  • filtered, un bottled water
  • Sea salt


Squeeze the lemon, add as much water as there is lemon juice, add little salt and ice if you like. Maybe you want love the drink, but it will help you a lot, because the sea salt consist enough amount of electrolytes, minerals that rise the energetic level, remove the pain, making balance in the serotonin in the body strengthening the immune system.