According the analyses and research that have been conducted, the water with a little of lemon juice is a kind of elixir of health. We are not sure if this is correct or not, but we categorically recommend that you drink this mixture every morning because this is what we are sure about:

  1. It strengthens the immunity of our body, stimulates brain activity and regulates the blood pressure.
  2. The mixture helps you lose weight. The lemon juice contains pectin that significantly reduces the appetite.
  3. Speeds up the metabolism, especially if the water is warm. Besides this it is proved that the lemon juice improves and regulates food digestion.
  4. The water in combination with the lemon juice acts like a diuretic. This means that it will help you release the redundant fluids in our organism.
  5. Makes the skin glowing and become lifted. Vitamin C is a wonderful fighter against wrinkles and freckles. It is considered that it slows down the process of skin aging completely.