Feeling tired all the time, lacking energy, dry skin and dark circles under the eyes are all symptoms of poisons in the body. This makes you a perfect candidate for many viruses and flu. What you need in these moments is a complete body detoxification.

There isn’t a bad time for cleaning the organism. Weekends are probably the best for this kind of process: make a suitable menu and clean and strengthen your body.
Body detoxification is a process involving the cleaning of five major organs: liver, kidneys, intestines, lungs and the lymph system. Of course, the process includes low-fat food, meat, potatoes and sweets, and drinking as much fluids as you can. It’s recommended doing it twice in ten days, but if you don’t have enough time, you can do a weekend detoxification which can bring great results if done a couple of times a year.

The best effects of the detoxification can be felt if you use dandelion, nettles and birch tea. Physical activities like walking, swimming or running are also required

Weekend detoxification plan

Important: every morning after waking up drink 250 ml. of warm water.


Breakfast: 250 ml. water; a cup of oat flakes with a spoon of linseed; 200 ml. almond milk or yogurt (low-fat); half a cup of fresh grained fruits (blueberry).

Lunch: 250 ml. water; 250 gr. grilled hake; Swiss chard with potatoes made on olive oil; two cups of green or tomato salad, made with olive oil or lemon juice; a slice of watermelon and a small banana

Snack: one apple; 180 ml. yogurt; quarter of a cup pumpkin seeds; 250 ml. water

Dinner: 150 gr. of grilled tuna; two cups salad prepared with olive oil or lemon juice; half a cup of steamed vegetables (broccoli, spinach); some integral pastry; 250 ml. water


Breakfast:  a cup of oat flakes with a spoon of linseed; 200 ml. almond milk or low-fat yogurt; green tea; pear

Snack: one grapefruit

Lunch: 200 gr. of barbecued chicken breasts; vegetable soup; 150 gr. pickle; 250 ml. water

Dinner: carrot and beet salad with some lemon juice; some integral pastry; nettle tea.