You probably don’t know that there is a wrong and a right way to eat broccoli. Even though you don’t want anyone to tell you how you should eat, but this is the right way so that you can consume the vital nutrients from the right consuming of broccoli.

The secret of eating broccoli

When searching the word broccoli on the internet usually there are pictures of the flower of the broccoli plant. The stems and leaves rarely get the attention they deserve. In the flower of the broccoli you can find vitamins A, C and E as well as calcium and magnesium. And the stems and leaves have a lot of nutrients as well. The nutrients come from the roots and spread upwards to other areas of the broccoli, and the flower of the broccoli gets whatever is left over.

The broccoli leaves are healthy?

Yes. The broccoli leaves have 90% of the recommended vitamin A and 30g of these leaves contain 43% of recommended vitamin C. Don’t throw the leaves away. They have high amount of beta-carotene and it is in bigger amounts than in the flower and the stem. Usually the beta-carotene is connected with yellow and orange fruits and vegetables like carrots or yellow peppers. This property of the broccoli leaves change in the vitamin A and is necessary for good vision, eye health and strong immune system. The vitamin A is needed for healthy skin and healthy mucous membranes.

Ways to consume broccoli

You can steam, grill or eat it raw. You can mix them with other green vegetables on your plate. The leaves have mild and earthy taste. The stems have sweet and crunchy taste. The stems are perfect for a snack. If you like you can cook the entire broccoli together. But there is a right procedure how to do this. First cut the stems in pieces and cook those for 2-3 minutes, then you can add the other parts of the broccoli. This process just preserves the less rigid sections of the broccoli not to be overcooked.

Here is a tip for eating broccoli flower

You can enjoy the broccoli whichever way you like. When choosing broccoli from the market make sure you choose the right one. The heads need to be dark green, blush green or purplish green, because they have high concentration of beta-carotene than those who are pale green or yellowish green. I know you have previously throw away some parts of the broccoli, but after you have read this you might want to reconsider when buying a broccoli and cooking it for lunch. You can now be sure that after this you will use all parts of the broccoli to get the best nutrients from it.