Magnesium deficiency is quickly becoming a real threat – according to the USDA, half of the American population are lacking this mineral. Magnesium is of vital importance for the body. Every cell needs it, and it is responsible for more than 300 metabolic processes in the body.

Our hectic lifestyle forces our bodies to use nutrient supplies in order to deal with stress, which leaves us depleted of vital vitamins and minerals. When magnesium levels in your body are low, you can experience irritability, facial twitches, insomnia, blood clots, unstable blood sugar levels, fatigue, migraines, leg cramps, anxiety and depression.

According to several studies, regular magnesium consumption can prevent Alzheimer’s disease, while magnesium deficiency can lead to Parkinson’s disease. The condition is also associated with metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes. When the body lacks magnesium it releases more insulin, so the glucose goes directly into the cells and causes inflammation. This is why you need to take 500-1000 mg. of magnesium every day. It can be found in high amounts in dark chocolate, nuts and seeds, avocado, fish, leafy green veggies and whole grains.

You can also take magnesium supplements, but only high-quality ones which also contain vitamin B6. The best magnesium supplements also contain 4 cofactors – Malate, Glycinate, Taurinate and Orotate as they are easily absorbed and important for bodily functions.

Here are the health benefits of the cofactors:


Alleviates muscle fatigue;

Helps in case of PMS and headaches;

Improves digestion;

Treats fibromyalgia;

Provides the body with energy.


Treats depression, numbness and crying;

Treats long-term deficiencies;

Treats hysteria, insomnia, anxiety, irritability and concentration;

Enhances mental clarity and relaxes the mind;

Reduces laxative effects and prevents diarrhea.


Improves heart function;

Regulates heart palpitations and arrhythmia;

Prevents migraines.


Improves heart health;

Stimulates DNA formation;

Improves performance of athletes.