Many experts are recommending drinking water on an empty stomach in the morning. This has several health benefits and positive effects – it contributes to the blood and muscle cell formation and maintains body weight. Drinking water on empty stomach cleanses the intestines, which can decrease the chances of developing diseases. It also makes the skin look better by removing toxins from the blood, and enables the stomach to absorb nutrients from the food we eat.

The most important thing to remember about this method is that the breakfast goes after it. The recommended dosage is four glasses, but you can start with one, and then gradually increase the dose.

How to do it?

After you wake up, drink six ounce glasses of water right away. As we said, if you can’t drink that amount in the start, start with a smaller dose. After you finish, wait at least 45 minutes before the breakfast. When you’re done with your breakfast, do not eat or snack on anything for two hours.

It works on specific diseases

Experts say that this method lasts differently for different diseases. For example, it takes 30 days to cure diabetes, 10 days for gastric issues, 30 days for high blood pressure, and 10 days for constipation.

No side effects are possible with this method except for frequent urination – which is a small price to pay considering the benefits it has.

Of course, more physical activity is recommended in this case too.