If coffee is your favorite drink besides alcohol, we have some good news – according to studies, drinking 2 cups of coffee a day can erase the negative effects of alcohol on your liver!

Although we know how harmful alcohol can be, we still drink it in excess every time we can. But, thanks to the UK study, you should no longer be worried about its effects!

The study found a connection between liver health and coffee

The study analyzed data from 10 studies with more than 430 000 subjects and discovered that 2 cups of coffee daily can reduce the risk of liver cirrhosis by 44%. This is great news for everyone who loves to drink alcohol and coffee both. Millions of people die from cirrhosis every year, but it finally seems that there is a viable cure!

Cirrhosis patients are almost always seriously ill, and the main problem is that the disease doesn’t have a cure yet. However, according to Dr. Oliver Kennedy, the head of the study, drinking coffee regularly can indeed stop the progress of liver cirrhosis. It is cheap and widely available, and probably the best option against the disease.

Cirrhosis and coffee study

The team of scientists examined over 2000 cirrhosis patients which were divided into groups. The results showed that a cup of coffee a day reduces the risk of cirrhosis by 22%, and this doubles if you drink 2 cups. Three cups reduced the risk by 57%, while 4 cups of coffee a day reduced the risk by 67%.

The results were compared to people who didn’t drink coffee. There are things to consider, however, including the coffee beans used, the brewing technique and the lifestyle of the drinker.

Another study claims that filtered coffee is more effective than brewed. Whatever the type of coffee, the discovery is great news for many people around the world.