The beet has a very distinct taste, so many people avoid using it, but it is a very healthy vegetable. Here is why you should use its juice and why you should use it more often.

  • Beetroot juice has antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties. Beetroot juice prevents damage to the cells and removes the free radicals from the body.
  • Use the beetroot juice if you have digestive disorder. It cleans the intestines helping their functioning.
  • Help your tired eyes with beetroot juice, because of the carotenoids that it consists of.
  • Increase your energy and respond better to exercise.
  • Reduce blood pressure with only one glass a day.
  • Increase the level of iron in the blood, help your hemoglobin to maintain normal level, improve circulation.
  • Increase the immune system to a higher level, so it is easier and faster in fighting infections.
  • Remove the stress level thanks to the magnesium in the beetroot juice.