When cooking rice for a meal, don’t throw away the water. Chinese people have been using this water to make their skin healthy and hair shiny, giving the body energy.

After you will read this I doubt you will throw away the rice water ever again. The water can let you have healthy body and beautiful skin.

Consume the rice water and with only two ingredients give cosmetic and health benefits to your body.

Here are the healthy benefits from consuming rice –water:

  • Energy for your body increases the concentration of carbohydrates.
  • cure for gastroenteritis
  • prevents cancer
  • regulates high blood pressure
  • regulates body temperature.

Beauty benefits from rice water:

  • cleans the skin if regularly washed with rice water
  • replacement for tonic
  • prevents creation of face pores
  • shiny and healthy hair if washed with rice water
  • use it as a bath for the entire body.

Here is how to prepare the rice water:

If you only cook the rice and use the water from this cooking then you will get some of these benefits, but this is not the right way to use it.

Here is the right way to prepare the rice water:

Put more water when cooking the rice. After the water boils and it is ready, separate the water and the rice. You can drink this water warm or let it cool off a little. This is the proper way to make this rice water. Chinese people use this water regularly and say it works, so there is no harm in trying it!!