Don’t have to drink the vitamin water and the carbonated drinks to refresh. You can try one of these infused waters to do the same thing. Beverages that have calories ( even those with zero calories) can fill you up with wrong stuff, stealing away your health. It has been proven that Soda is #1 culprit for the diabetes in America. For better health and slimmer figure you can drink the infused water.

Here are more benefits from the infused water:

  • Boost your metabolism
  • Don’t have to eat junk food, because it keeps you full
  • Release fat cells naturally
  • helps the food to move easier through your system
  • flushes toxins from your skin
  • Improves the mood
  • when exercising it can reduce the muscle fatigue
  • recuperate faster after a workout
  • sweat away keeping your organs healthy
  • stops you from feeling groogy in the middle of the day

There is no limit to how much you should drink it, because it is naturally low on calories and has no artificial ingredients.

You can add as much fruit as you like to the water and leave it for at least 30 minutes before drinking.

Here are they:

1.Green Tea+ Mint+ Lime

This helps the fat to burn, the digestion, headaches, congestion and have fresh breath.

2.Strawberry + Kiwi

This helps the cardiovascular system, the immune system, regulates the blood sugar and the digestion.

3.Cucumber+ Lime+ Lemon

It manages the water weight, bloating, controls the appetite, the hydration and the digestion

4.Lemon+ Lime+ Orange

Use it to boost the immune system with vitamin C, heal heartburn. NOTE: Drink just one on a room temperature.