There was a statement on the website of the American Institute for Cancer: Most cancers can be prevented. The scientists claim that 60-70% cancers can be prevented with changes in the diets and lifestyle. This statement can improve the personal health, avoiding toxins and decreasing the chances of cancer.

Here is the list of foods you need to avoid:

BPA – lined cans

These ingredients can be found in the hard plastics. BPA was researched in laboratories on animals showing infertility, obesity, cancer and diabetes. If the label says BPA free, it contains bisphenolA. You can also found it in the dental and plastic products.

Smoked and Cured foods

To prevent the food from spoiling and changing color, it is used nitrites and nitrates. N- nitroso composites are related to cancer.

Farmed fish

The farm fish has high level of chemical- pollutants. It is higher than wild fishes, PCB`s.


This is very common in our food. Avoid any products that are GMO. Read the label and don’t buy them.

Grilled Meat

PAHs- the polycyclic- aromatic hydrocarbons are created with combustion, burning wood and coal.

Hydrogenated Oils

The chemical construction from these oils can prevent the rancid products, prolonging the life on the shelf. They promote over activity of the immune system and inflammation, which later can lead to stroke, heart disease, diabetes and chronic illnesses.

Microwave Popcorn

The bag is filled with acids to prevent the soaking of the oil. The PFOA can link to tumors, the chance to cancer.

Non organic vegetables and fruits

They are grown with GMO seeds, herbicides and pesticides.

Processed food

Processed food is rich in nitrates and nitrites, which can increase the risk of stomach or other types of cancer.

Refined Sugar

Studies show connection between non healthy level of blood fats, heart disease, lower HDL levels, high triglyceride levels, arthritis, obesity, immune suppression and other problems. Cancer is related to sugar.

Sports drinks/ Soda

The sports drinks and the soda have no nutritional value. They only take away the needed minerals and vitamins out of the body.

Soy- protein- isolate

Soy is going through industrial processes while manufacturing where it is being washed in aluminum tanks. The aluminum is actually very toxic for the kidneys and the nervous system.


Like previously mentioned, cancer is thriving on sugar. Many grains, fruits, pastas, breads and carbs contain sugar. If a person is fighting cancer, he should eliminate all income of sugar.

White flour

Seeds are treated with fungicide so that they produce sugar grains for industrial purposes. After they are planted the seeds are sprayed with pesticides and stored in bins with toxins. They increase the toxic level in the body giving the body a lack of immune system to fight cancer.