It is recently proven that many doctors abuse their profession and oath by diagnosing healthy people with cancer so that they can earn money on kickbacks and chemotherapy products. I am sure you aren’t aware how often this happens.

It clearly shows that the cancer industry is fabrication from start to finish. The treatment is the one bringing money to the table and not the preventing part.

A year ago a certain Dr. Farid Fata, from Michigan, confessed in the court to intentionally and wrongfully diagnosing healthy people with cancer. He gave them chemotherapy drugs so that he can make profit out of it.

His patients were shocked when they found out the truth. Besides cancer it also happens with other diseases, where the doctor after diagnosing gives the patient a certain drug that will “ help” his disease and make money out of it. The commission the doctor receives from the patients buying the certain drug brings the doctor a lot of money.

Dr. Fata stated for the court that it was his choice to diagnose his patients with cancer even though they didn’t have it. He stated all the drugs that he prescribed during the years. He even stated that he knew that this was medically unnecessary.

He was charged with $ 35 million Medicare fraud scheme that brought bill to the government for medically unnecessary oncology and hematology treatments. The scheme this doctor was running started in 2009. The business included Michigan Hematology Oncology Centers in Clarkston, Bloomfield Hills, Lapeer, Sterling Heights, Troy and Oak Park.

The number of patients he was treating was 1200 people and received $62 million from Medicare and he billed them over $150 million.

The sentence that the attorney Barbara McQuade is seeking is life in prison because not only that he billed the government but he also hurt many people in the process.

The statistic lies

Prostate cancer is easy to be misdiagnosed because doctors don’t give enough information about it to their patients. PSA- Prostate blood test shows a specific prostate antigen produced by the prostate gland. If the levels are high, this means that cancer is present.

Not always the results are correct. Only 3 percent from men die from prostate cancer. After the PSA test, further diagnoses are required like biopsies and treatments with side effects like impotence and incontinence. Repeated procedure of biopsies may spread the cancer into the track by the needle, or by spilling the cells directly into the bloodstream or lymphatic system. The doctors receive commission from each treatment the patient undertakes. On the long run this proves to be deadly because not every person understands how to recognize when the doctor is misdiagnosing and how to stay healthy.

Many studies were conducted on men suffering from prostate cancer with biopsy. 97% show that the patient never had the cancer spreading outside or the patient dies before the cancer spread from something totally different. In only 3 % the cancer was aggressive and spreads beyond surgery or before even discovery.

Many women suffer the same. They are told that the hysterectomies can help them cure cancer. This was also shown not to be true. All the conducted researches showed that no matter the aggressiveness of the unnecessary treatments the patients died.

The screenings for breast cancer shows the rate of mortality and not the rate of prevention. Before, women didn’t have to make regular screening and mammography at any age. Now the Society of Breast Imaging and the American College of Radiology suggest that the breast screening for cancer should begin at the age of 40 or earlier if it is in the family. Annual screening should start at the age of 40. If the person is considered to be high risk it should begin in the 30s.

The percentage for breast cancer among women age 25 to 39 doubled from 1976 to 2009. This is unusual and should raise a concern.


The chemotherapy slowly destroys the body and it doesn’t heal!!!

The patients that undergo chemotherapy usually die from illness that is plagued from chemotherapy several years after the treatment. The immune system is destroyed, the neuro-cognitive system is increased, it disrupts the endocrine functioning and can cause toxicities in the organs and the metabolic system. Patients suffer from permanent diseases until they die.

The promotion of patented, expensive and toxic remedies brings benefits of the cancer industries. They plan how to get money of patients no matter the consequences. There are thousands of doctors who like Dr. Fata legally practice oncology in the United Stated and are guilty of this crime. They aren’t caught yet because they fly under the radar.

Doctors will continue to make money out of this business as long as the people believe in it. The greed may cause some doctors to be caught but others maintain low. A healthy person should never be conducted to these harmful treatments for money. The only thing that a person can do is seek more opinions and lead a healthy life.