Hot-dogs are probably the most popular food in America, and literally everyone eats them. You cannot celebrate 4th of July without this treat – about 155 million hot-dogs are consumed on this national holiday, which is too much. But, besides their popularity, doctors are suggesting that you shouldn’t give this food to your children!
A recent research has discovered that kids who eat more than a dozen hot-dogs in a month increase the risk of developing leukemia by 9 times! The study also found that women who eat hot-dogs during pregnancy increase the risk of their children developing brain tumors later in their life. If you’re wondering what’s making them so harmful, we have an answer for you – nitrites.

Nitrites are added to hot-dogs in order to prevent botulism, a rare and potentially fatal illness caused by a toxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. During the production process, the nitrites are mixed with amines which are present in the meat and create N-nitroso, a dangerous and highly carcinogenic compound.

In order to avoid the potential dangers from consuming hot-dogs, you can at least try and find nitrite-free meat. You should also talk to the local school boards to provide nitrite-free hot-dogs in the cantina since your children consume this fast food often in this place.