Skin fibromas, or warts, are small usually benign growths on the skin which can be removed surgically. They are not the same as birthmarks, and can be safely removed. However, there are less invasive solutions that could remove them safely as well.

There are different types of warts – viral warts, infectious warts, HPV warts and skin fibroma, with the first ones being treated medically. The warts that appear on your armpits are called filiform verruca, and can grow quickly, which is why they need to be removed. They are caused by frequent showering or sweat, and should be checked by a professional.

When their numbers grow big, warts should be removed from your body. Depending on their nature, they can either be removed by surgery, cryotherapy or liquid nitrogen treatment. However, some of them can be removed by natural remedies as well – fresh celandine juice tincture for example, has been used to remove warts for centuries.

Sticky tape?

Since 2002, scientists have been comparing the effects of both sticky tape and liquid nitrogen therapy on warts. After 2 months of use (once a week), sticky tape has eliminated warts in 85% of cases, while liquid nitrogen therapy had worse results and removed warts in only 60% of cases.

Seeing the results, scientists concluded that sticky tape works by stimulating irritation, which stimulates the immune cells of your body to attack the wart and eventually remove it.