Ants are very fascinating – they can carry up to 50 times their weight and they are as old as dinosaurs. They have been roaming Earth for 110-130 million years, which is even longer than humans! Around the world, there are over 10 000 species of ants. But, even besides their incredible abilities, the fact remains that they are irritating pests which often infest our houses and need to be eliminated.

Ant infestation is a more common problem than you can imagine, and it’s probably linked to the weather. According to a Stanford study, most ant infestations in California occur during winter storms and summer droughts. While there are hundreds of chemicals that can seemingly get rid of ants, the same study concluded that most of them were not really helpful. In addition, they are also highly dangerous for humans. So, what are our options?

The YouTuber Greg The Gardener has an interesting solution – a natural ant killer which actually works! Here’s what you need:


Hot water



Spray bottle

Bring the water to a boil, then mix 6 teaspoons of Borax with 6-8 teaspoons of sugar in a cup. Once the water is boiled, pour it into the cup with Borax and sugar until they dissolve, then add the honey in the end. Leave the mixture to cool down and pour it into a spray bottle.

Spray the mixture in the areas frequented by ants – if you see a cluster of them at a spot, spray more of the mixture there. However, be careful where you spray it on if you have pets, as they could get sick.

Greg suggests spraying the mixture on a bottle cap and putting it somewhere out of the reach of your pets. In just a short time, you will see dead ants turning up everywhere!

How does it work?

There’s no magic behind the mixture – it works due to the ants being attracted to sugar and honey. Once they smell it, they immediately run to it, and when they taste it Borax does the job. Simple, isn’t it?