The acne appearance represents skin disease, that doesn’t endanger the health but often causes psychological, social and emotional problems, the feeling of insecurity. One of the most common health problems for which the young teenagers (the older ones are not spared from this boring skin disease) turn to cosmetics, where the first question is connected with their nutrition. And the reason for this is simple; the skin condition depends from the things we input in our body. The main culprits for acne appearance, among others, are hormones which lead to over secretion of sebum caused from the sebaceous glands. Because of the enhanced function, the glands increase and clog, so an inflammation of their canal appears, there for causing acnes.

For this problem, besides medical and cosmetic treatments, it is very useful and the diet against acne, which hydrates the skin, cleansing the pores and removing the toxins. For this goal nutrition is rich with vitamins and minerals, and its needed to input 2 l of water, squeezed fruit juice and herbal teas (green tea, thyme).

The first thing you need to do is to eliminate fat, salty or spicy food (hamburger, fries, ketchup, mayo, sauce, chips, fat meat, smoked sausage, strong cheese), sugar (cookies, chocolate, ice cream, caramel, white pastries), coffee and sparkling drinks, form our every day menu.

Food that is recommended

Fruit and vegetable – contain more fibers and a big amount of vitamins and minerals ( A,B,E, zinc, calcium, phosphorus, selenium, chrome ) responsible for elasticity and detoxification of the skin, regulating sebum lactation.

Bread – rye bread is recommended

Cereals – barley, rice, oat meals, buckwheat

Meat – chicken, rabbit, turkey

Fish and sea food – rich with zinc.

Dairy products – yoghurt with probiotics, sour milk, milk, fat free cheese, fish oil, linseed, mineral water, whites from the eggs…..

One day suggestion – menu

Breakfast – oat meals with yogurt and blueberries

Snack- half banana, raspberry , ½ glass of milk

Lunch – barbecued chicken, salad ( arugula, tomatoes, celery), piece of rye bread

Snack – lemonade

Dinner – boiled fish, salad with one spoon sesame oil, grapefruit

If you follow this diet, which is actually a healthy way of life, for one month you will feel lowering the rash and improving you general well-being of your skin, as well as your mood and confidence.