Diabetic patient doing glucose level blood test using ultra mini glucometer and small drop of blood from finger and test strips isolated on a white background. Device shows 115  mg/dL which is normal

You can get diabetes after 20 years or more. But there are some symptoms that you can notice earlier that may indicate the occurrence of diabetes.

Extreme thirst

Here is the most popular and one of the classic symptoms of diabetes. This happens because of the accumulation of sugar in the blood. So when this happens the kidneys have to work more and filter as much as possible. The excess sugar gets excreted in the urine, causing frequent urination and dehydration.


If you feel tired all the time and feel long-term exhaustion can be a symptom to occurrence of diabetes. Sleeping less than 6 hours can bring you a chance of getting diabetes.

Slow wound healing

If your wounds don’t heal properly and they heal slow, than this means that the high blood sugar level affects it. It is only the symptom of diabetes.

Blurred vision

Because the level of blood sugar is increasing during the diabetes disease, the water from the body is withdrawn and there so the vision is impaired.


The depression is one of the symptoms for diabetes. The women have greater chance of developing diabetes due to their prone to depression by 17 %. But men are not excluded from this illness as well.


The disease diabetes weakens the body`s immune system making it easily accessible to bacteria and the body cannot fight them. Usually due to this problem the teeth become more sensitive and are prone to decay. This is also a diabetes symptom.