The real meaning of detoxification is cleaning your body from all bad influence that are surrounding you, like industrial pollution, pesticides, food additives, cigarettes, etc… Although the first thing that you think of when the word detoxification is mentioned is excessive abuse of drugs and alcohol, as well as means for losing weight and diet, we assure you it is not just that.

The organs that are mostly affected when using detoxification is the kidneys, the liver and colon. They are responsible for eliminating all harmful toxins from your body.

Why should you detox?

It is the best way to clean your body from the environment.

When feeling headache, spine pain, poor memory and sensitivity to drugs and pesticides you should consider detoxification. Detoxification helps the work of the kidneys, the liver, helps improve the blood cells and the immune system from increased blood sugar, caffeine and alcohol.

Difference between short and long term detoxification

Short term detoxification is applied only for 24 hours with freshly squeezed juices, EDTA treatments and helps the body to clean from heavy metal.

The long term detoxification includes diet change- no meat, increased fruit, vegetables (especially garlic), food rich with carbohydrates.

While on long term detoxification you should drink a lot of fluids, vitamins and supplements, as well as light exercise like yoga, pilates, alternative therapy like acupuncture, hydrotherapy etc. The recommendation is relaxation, meditation, massage and techniques that eliminate stress.

Easy detoxification in our home

Here are few ideas for easy and inexpensive ways to do it at home, but I should mention that these treatments will not give a long lasting effect.

  • Lemon acid

The citric fruit helps detoxification penetrate in the body fat and dissolve its molecules. You just need to mix lemon juice with water.

  • Pills and capsules for detoxification

If you just digest one capsule a day the detoxification will begin.

  • Apple for detoxification

Take one apple a day during the period of 3-4 days. The best ones are those that are premature in the season.