Everything on your body can tell you how healthy you actually are. Depending on the length of the legs and hands, the size of the waist, the shape of the body and other visual parts can give you an answer if you are suffering from some disease. Here is the list where you can read about what disease can attack which part of the body.

The finger length– Among women, if their index finger is shorter than the ring finger, can possibly develop osteoarthritis in the elderly years. Between man and women the length of the fingers can mean lower levels of estrogen that can lead to bone diseases. If you are one of these people you should do more exercise and take more calcium.

The bra size– women in their 20s that wear bra D can suffer from diabetes type 2. And women with smaller breasts are less likely to suffer from this disease. The fatty tissue in the breasts is hormone sensitive that can actually affect the appearance of insulin resistance. Maintaining a healthy weight, balanced diet and physical activity can help in prevention against diabetes.

The leg lengths– people who have shorter legs may suffer from liver problems. Those whose legs are long from 50 to 73 cm have greater value of liver enzymes indicating disease in this organ. You can prevent this disease by removing the intake of alcohol and other toxins.