The unpleasant condition, that is a part of the life of many people, is the cold. Luckily, we can activate the forces of the body with alternative methods and we can deal with the cold, before it deepens itself into something more serious than cold.

To achieve the cold you need to try this proven massage to these pressure spots on the face:

Point 1: It is right in between the eyebrows. Press and hold for about a minute.

Point 2: These spots are right in the area around the eyes or precisely 2 cm from the outside end of the eyebrows. You need to press these spots at the same time.

Point 3: Two symmetrically dispersed spots in the base of the nose, close to the inner corner of the eyes. Massage it at the same time.

Point 4: Symmetrically dispersed spots around half cm sideways of the nostrils.

These points are necessary to be pressed with the tip of the fingers for about 1 minute. Press hard, but not that hard to feel pain. It is not important which way you move the finger. The point is to apply pressure at the spot. The basic goal is to produce blood circulation at the certain point.