This is an interesting and simple method for putting your body in harmony. Find out how to cure all your diseases from your body with only the help of your fingers. If you want it to have the effect on a specific organ just put your finger on that spot and keep it for 3-5 minutes, you will feel the difference immediately.

The thumb

Organs: stomach and spleen.

Emotions: depression and worry

Physical symptoms: stomach and head pain

The index finger

Organs: kidneys and bladder

Emotions: disappointment and fear

Physical symptoms: toothache, muscle and back pain

Middle finger

Organs: liver and gallbladder

Emotions: indecisive and rage

Physical symptoms: migraine, circulation problems and menstrual pain

Ring finger

Organs: colon and lungs

Emotions: sadness and negativity

Physical symptoms: asthma and respiration problems

Little finger

Organs: heart and intestines

Emotions: nervous and lack of self respect

Physical symptoms: pain in the bones, stomach, throat and heart.