You should eat cucumbers on daily basis for these 7 reasons. Using the cucumber water or eating cucumber salad will give you amazing health benefits.

  1. Super Hydration

Because of the cucumbers characteristics( it consists 90 % water) it feels like you are drinking water with the cucumber flavor.

  1. Keeps you fresh

One slice of cucumber gets you rid of your bad breath. If you just put a slice in your mouth and keep it on your tongue the cucumber will kill the odor- causing bacteria and keep your mouth fresh.

  1. Beats Cancer

Cucumber contains lariciresinol, pinoresinol and secoisolariciresinol. By this components it reduces breast cancer, ovarian cancer, prostate cancer and many more.

  1. VITAMINS!!!

Allowing the vitamins that are kept in a cucumber ( A,B and C) to burst in your body will get your immune system strong, filled with energy and glowing.

  1. Against Diabetes

The cucumber consists of a specific hormone that allows the pancreas to produce insulin.

  1. Protecting the brain

Cucumber is full of fisetin- anti inflammatory flavonol, keeping your memory at its best and preventing cognitive decline. Fisetin was found to prevent progressive memory according the research on mice with Alzheimer`s disease.

  1. On a diet?? This is a dream

Are you on a diet? If yes this is the product for you. Cucumbers are 90% water. And that is amazing for your body. It is filled with fibers so the digestive system will not have problems. It can even help the constipation. Just keep eating more.