Vegan people don’t include chicken, fish and meat in their diet. They only eat fruits and vegetables, without using any animal products and by products like dairy or eggs. They have their own environmental, ethical and health reasons why they live like this. The best thing about this diet is the diversity. It has to contain green leafy veggies, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, seeds and nuts. A trucker named Bobby Anderson, tried this healthy lifestyle and lost a lot of weight.

While on the road, he doesn’t give too much to his eating habits. But in only one year with this new diet routine he lost 65 pounds.

The main focus was dedication and fruits and vegetables. After working as a truck driver for 21 years, he decided he needed change.

Every day he drives 14 hours. And this made him realize he had no choice but to change something.

While the miles increased, the number on the weighing scale increased as well. Usually when he stops, he stops near fast foods, a food typical for all drivers and with no time for the gym or exercise, his lifestyle caught up with him.

Anderson made a decision that this lifestyle need to be changed. And the result was the loss of 65 pound weight.

He recalled his belly hitting the steering wheel, but now he has room to breathe.

He stopped going to the fast food diners, no more BBQ`s and hush puppies known as his comfort food.

The huge change that he did was that he started to cook his own food. He started a restrictive diet, limiting fish, dairy and meat products, while at the same time adding fruits and vegetables like blueberries, potatoes and avocados.

You want to know how he did it?


He uses his day off to plan and prepare for the diet. When he stops, he prepares his meals for the rest of the week.

He uses all of his day to prepare all the food for the entire week. And he says it is worth it.

His minimal kitchen space didn’t discourage him. He had the advantage of the truck`s electrical power and he has with him waffle maker, toaster, pressure cooker and Nutri bullet.

He prepares stir-fried vegetables including peanut sauce, rice, broccoli, curry powder, cauliflower, pepper and dried parsley.

Because of lack of time his meals are easy to make. He only needs 12 minutes to make stir-fry.

He makes different flavors every day.

Besides his physical change, Anderson noticed a significant change in his health.

After a regular check-up with his doctor he found out that his blood sugar is normal and that he doesn’t need the antidepressants any more.

To share his achievement, he created a blog hoping to help, support and inspire other people wanting the same goal. His facebook page is filled with ideas for a meal.

This article can help all those people who believe and give excuses that they don’t have the time for a healthy meal. The driver Anderson has proven that it is possible if you are determined to complete your goal.

Become vegan now if you are inspired by Anderson!