As you might already know, the coconut can help your health in many ways. We have been using the coconut oil in the cooking, in the oil pulling and on the skin. But here you can read about a delicious coconut treats that you can make and have an amazing effect on your health and diet.

Here is the list of five benefits from the coconut:

1.Fatty Acids

The needed essential acids for our body can be found in the coconut. They help our body to ingest properly and these acids are usually not produced by itself. They help the brain to be protected by the development of any mental degeneration.

2.Stabilize the level of the cholesterol in the blood

You can reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood by consuming coconut. Coconut also lowers the risk of heart disease.

3.Suppress hunger

Coconut can help you suppress hunger and provide the feeling of satiety. This can help you against eating snacks during the meals.

4.Increase the energy level

Once a day you should consume coconut to burn calories much faster and with it to boost your energy.

5.Fat loss

With all of the above mentioned benefits, we can conclude that the coconut can help you lose fat. It especially helps to lose the abdominal fat.

Coconut cluster recipe

Here you can read about a recipe that you can include in your daily diets. You probably have the needed ingredients and the preparation is very simple. You will only need few minutes.

Needed ingredients:

  • one cup chia seeds
  • two cups coconut oil
  • two teaspoons vanilla extract


Pour all the ingredients in a medium sized bowl and stir well. The mixture should become smooth. You now need to transfer the mixture into candy molds or cupcake lines. Place them in the refrigerator for couple of hours and once they are hard you can consume them.

More coconut in the diet

These candies will become your favorite once you try them. They will boost the energy level to what is needed. You can use the coconut many other ways and include them in your diet. Here are some more uses of the coconut in the daily routine.

You can use coconut crumbs as coating for fried or baked meats and you can combine them with bread crumbs. The coconut can also be used as a spice for various foods, like ice-cream, breads and cakes.

You need to include the coconut in your diet due to its health benefits. Improve your diet today by just making these coconut clusters.