Do you often buy the popular Dasani water? If you do, these recent news might shock you. Coca-Cola has recently recalled a big shipment of their bottled water brand after it was found out that it was contaminated by a parasite!

Several hundred people have been rushed to the hospital as a result, with symptoms such as vomiting, fever, rashes and bloating. This comes right after the company admitted that Dasani water is nothing more than “purified” tap water poured in a fancy bottle. Still, Dasani is sold at a premium price even though it costs next to nothing.

Coca-Cola says that all impurities are removed from the water, but the parasites still managed to escape their filtrations system and infect a lot of people. Once they were discovered, the FDA ordered an immediate shut down of the facility where Dasani water was produced.

The parasites found in the water enter the body and attach themselves to the stomach membranes, creating a new generation of parasites which may cause big problems. Knowing this, we recommend avoiding Dasani water and buying another brand for the moment.