1 liter of water

½ grapefruit

1 mandarin

1 cucumber

4 to 6 leaves of mint

Several ice cubes

The grapefruit is fill with vitamin C. It melts the fat and turns them into energy.The mandarin stabilizes the blood sugar level and speeds up the calorie consumption.The cucumber will make you feel full, and it’s a natural diuretic, it will relieve you of stomach toxins and flatulence.The mint expedites the food digestion and calms down the abdomen.


Cut the cucumber into pieces, the grape and the mandarin should be pilled of and divided into layers. In a big glassed container with wide throat add all the ingredients.Add water and put the drink in a refrigerator.Leave the water to settle during the night.Next morning only mix it and the drink should all be drunk up during the day. You drink this mixture for 15-20 days in a raw.