When you feel like your sinuses are inflaming, right away the symptoms like clogged nose, cough, inflammable throat pane, etc is activated. Not to allow to get sick is good to clean the sinuses several times a year.One of the methods for cleansing your sinuses is with honey. For the goal to be achieved we will need natural honey with a good quality but should be crystallized. You should make two small bolls in the size of a bean. We put each in every nostril and we pull the head backwards lying with the back of our head downwards and the front thrown back so that the honey can melt down and start sliding through the nose and towards the sinuses.Immediately we can feel the movement of the honey through our nostrils, sinuses all the way to our throat. Usually this is accompanied with a pain but that just means that the cleansing has begun. The result is obvious – abundantly leakage of the sinus secrecy that will flow down the throat. Its good not to swallow it, but to cough it out. The procedure should be repeated daily for a week. People with asthma and severe allergies firstly need to consult a doctor.