Consume the lemon juice every morning so that you stimulate the weight loss process and you stimulate your metabolism to work properly.

This drink made with lemon juice can help clean the skin, remove the extra fat and can help melt the gallstones. The lemon is very powerful and useful for all serious health problems.

Here are some health problems that the lemon juice can help with:

1.Urinary infections

The lemon helps with urinary infections thanks to the creation of alkaline environment in the body. You can consume lemon juice twice or three times a day to stimulate the pH value of the urine. The level varies between 4.5 and 9, but the perfect line is between 5.8 and 6.8. You can use it in the salads or with fish specialties. Every way you decide to use it you will only benefit from the lemon juice.


The richness of the lemon consists of potassium, vitamin C and magnesium. White flavonoids give the lemons their yellow color. If we look at them separately we will see that the potassium balances the body fluids, the magnesium relaxes the arteries, the vitamin C increases the level of nitric oxide and when put all together they build up and encourage the oxygen flow in the system, protecting the vascular health. When suffering from hypertension certain drugs are prescribed like ACE inhibitors, where the lemon juice can help in the similar way.


During the cold days we often get cold, flu or coughs. We need to use the lemons as a first remedy to help. The lemons reduce the damages to the tissue, stimulating the secretion and preventing the inflammations of the lungs.

Just slice a lemon and put them in a liter of water. Consume it when having a cough.


The fibers in the lemons can help with digestion as well. Thanks to the pectin in the lemons the intestinal contractions are stimulated. Buy organic lemons so that you can eat the lemons with their peel.


The psoriasis is shown with red itchy patches on the skin.

To help your problem you can apply lemon juice directly on the affected area several times a day and stay in the sun for few minutes. After you have been using this treatment for few weeks, you need to spend more time in the sun. The lemons help moisture the skin and remove dead skin cells.


When you have lack of stomach acid, you have more stress and have medications the gallstones appear because of high cholesterol. You need to consume lemons so that you stimulate the bile contractions and create stomach acid to eliminate the small stones from the system.

7.Weight lost

The lemon juice can help prevent the calories from accumulating on to the critical areas.

Consume lemon juice on an empty stomach every morning before breakfast and your body and metabolism will be happy and healthy.