No one really likes cleaning – it’s hard work, can cause irritation on the skin, it can make you sneeze and cough and the worst part is that you’ll have to do it again in less than a week! Fortunately, there is a better solution – a DIY 100% natural cleaning product. It only requires 3 ingredients and we all have them at home. You can watch the video below or continue reading to see the recipe and instructions on its use.


White vinegar

Baking soda

Your favorite essential oil

  1. Natural toiler cleaner and disinfectant

White vinegar will clean the toilet and make it shiny and germ-free better than any chemical product. Pour or spray some white vinegar on the inside of the bowl, and leave it to work for 10-15 minutes. Afterwards, scrub the inside to remove any residue and flush – the bowl will be shiny clean without using chemicals.

  1. Natural multipurpose cleaning spray

This spray can be applied on many surfaces. It works and smells great too. Here’s how to prepare it: fill an empty spray bottle with vinegar, and fill the other half with water. This quantity will last for a couple of months, depending on your cleaning. It’s perfect for most surfaces – you can clean the shower, bathtub, bathroom sink and the toilet bowl. You can also use it on kitchen tops, metal faucets, shower heads, mirrors, windows, glass surfaces and ceramic hobs. It’s a great chemical-free cleaning solution.

  1. Natural bathtub and kitchen sink cleaning scrub

No one likes cleaning the bathtub but this solution will make it easy to clean. You only need baking soda for this scrub.

Wet the surface you need to clean and sprinkle some baking soda on it. Take a wet sponge and scrub it, and after you’re done, just wash the bathtub with hot water. Voila! There’s a pearly white bathtub cleaned almost effortlessly. The baking soda scrub is gentle so it won’t damage the enamel on the inside of the bathtub. Be careful to not use this scrub on stainless steel – anything other than that is good.

Try this three DIY cleaning solutions. They are cheap, natural, and will keep you and your family healthy. They will surely make the cleaning process more fun.