A Parasite is an organism that lives on/in a host, feeding itself from that host. You can find them everywhere in the water, soil, undercooked food and animals. The diseases from the parasites are treatable some of them, and some are not. Often people living in tropic and subtropical climates are affected but it also affects people in developed countries. You can use the process of Deworming to protect yourselves.

Many parasites live but don’t harm us at all. But many of them can cause inflammation, pain, infection and disease that might affect the :





spinal cord






If these parasites are not removed from the body they can grow and multiply causing more serious damage. It only takes one parasite to enter the brain- it can kill you.

You need to Deworm once a year. There are natural ways for you to do this and here are some of them:

1.Worm wood

You can consume it in liquid form, in capsules or as a tea. It helps to increase the acidity in the stomach encouraging the production of bile.

Warning: Don’t ingest pure wormwood oil- it is toxic


You just need to crush one clove, leave it for 10 minutes and consume before going to bed. Kill the tapeworms and roundworms. Repeat this for a month.

3.Oregano Oil

In a glass of water add lemon juice and 2-3 drops oregano oil. Repeat 3 times a day.

4.Extra virgin Coconut oil

You help your immune system with the coconut oil and help it to fight against parasites. It is a strong antifungal agent that gives the body what it needs.

Simply, ingest six tablespoons coconut oil every day.

5.Black walnut tincture

It is initially used to fight ringworm and fungal infections, but it also helps kill parasites at adult stage. You can combine it with wormwood and common cloves so that you can kill the parasites at all stages.

6.Pumpkin seeds

Ground 25 ounces of the seed and combine it with fresh juice you like. It will act as a laxative, removing the parasites from the body.