We use chocolate to ease depression, to boost the circulation, to lower the blood pressure and sometimes to lose weight. You might be surprised by the last statement. But the compounds inside the chocolate can make our body react and produce different results. You are the reason chocolate reacts differently.

Many researches and studies were conducted that show how the good bacteria in our stomach, known as the Bifidobacterium, actually thrives on chocolate. Not only you love chocolate, the good bacteria love it as well. When the chocolate gets fermented with the help of these good bacteria it turns into its anti-inflammatory compounds. They then move throughout the body from the brain to the heart, through the blood and beyond.

The studies conducted in the American Chemical Society included the cocoa solids, the cocoa powder where no sugar was presented. Cocoa powder includes several antioxidants, such as polyphenols, and fiber that can be easily digested. So the good bacteria in the digestive system needs the bitter cocoa to benefits the entire body. After this, the good bacteria produce endorphins, making you less depressed, enhancing the hearth health and many more. You just need to insert few tablespoons of cocoa powder in your smoothie or drink it as a warm cocoa you can balance your health and improve the overall work of the entire system. It is a perfect way to start the day!

Just to be on the same level, not all chocolate is good chocolate. If you are one of those people who love chocolate, then you need to make just few changes. Always try to buy dark chocolate that has minimum 85% cocoa in it. If there is too much sugar in the chocolate the benefits will negate.

I know it is not that tasty, but the bitter the chocolate is the better health benefits you receive. There is also something you can do about the bitter chocolate. You can add a small drop of raw honey to sweeten it up a little and plus you will have double health benefits, from the chocolate and from the honey as well.

It is best to balance the gut bacteria with consummation of proiotics and balanced diet so that the microcosm of the gut is well and healthy. Once in a while you can treat yourself with chocolate. But always make sure it is dark and bitter.