The Chinese food industry has been under a lot of heat recently and it’s no wonder considering the troubling lack of standard. It’s becoming crystal clear why people avoid Chinese food imports.

Over recent years, it has been discovered that Chinese food imports are very unhealthy – many of them are fake and contain hazardous chemicals which can cause life-threatening diseases. Recently, a rumor has begun spreading about a cheap Chinese soy sauce that has been made from human hair. The production process involved a chemical amino acid extraction process similar to artificial hydrolyzed soy sauces. The products have been quietly exported to countries throughout the world.

A Chinese company got in trouble recently after it was discovered that it made soy sauce from human hair. The Chinese Central TV raised concerns first about the quality of the sauce after visiting a substandard workshop in the Hubei province, where they found a lot of human hair. The television aired an analytical report that exposed unsanitary and contaminated source of hair. “On the question how the amino acid syrup or powder was made, the manufacturer replied that it was made from human hair,” they commented. “The human hair found was collected from salons, barbershops, and hospitals all around the country. Not only is this unhygienic, but this hair is also mixed with condoms, used menstrual cycle pads, used hospital cottons, used syringes, etc.”

The hair was treated in containers to distill amino acid, which is the most common compound in soy sauce. The similarity between human hair and soybean, wheat and bran is in their protein content. As a result of the rumor, the Chinese government has prohibited production of soy sauce made from human hair.