Castor oil is the extract from the India-native Ricinus communis plant. It is a toxic plant that has numerous health benefits. The oil itself is not toxic, as the toxic part remains in the pulp of the seeds during the extraction.

Many people know about the positive health effects of the castor oil. However, its full potential and power are kept a secret.

What does the castor oil contain?

The castor oil is rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins, and has strong antibacterial and antifungal properties. Furthermore, the oil consists of a triglyceride of fatty acids, which are made up of ricinoleic acid. This acid is a powerful weapon against bacteria, viruses, yeast and mold.

The castor oil is a cheap and effective remedy for many diseases. It has been used as an oral laxative for centuries, but it’s best to apply it topically. In Russia, the stem is used in the textile industry.

Thanks to its properties, the castor oil can successfully help in treatment of many conditions. Here are some of them:

Thickens and regrows the hair

The castor oil is a great source of omega-9 fatty acids, which provide essential nutrients to the hair and follicles. Rub it into the scalp and hair to make it penetrate deeply into the pores and nourish the hair.

Hair and dandruff

Castor oil is a great natural remedy against dandruff and can protect the scalp from bacterial and fungal infections as well. This is a direct result of its strong fungicidal, germicidal and insecticidal properties.

Anti-inflammatory effect

The rinoleic acid in castor oil is a strong anti-inflammatory agent, which can be used against inflammation and swelling of the joints and connective tissues.


The oil stimulates bowel movements thanks to its potent anti-inflammatory properties.

Improves the lymphatic flow

Dr. David Williams praises the castor oil’s effects on the lymphatic flow: “No drug exists that has the ability to improve lymphatic flow; however, the job can easily be handled through the topical application of Castor oil.”

Yeast infections

The rinoleic acid helps castor oil stop the growth of bacteria, yeast and viruses.

Menstrual disorders

The castor oil can alleviate menstrual pain as it relaxes the muscles that cause menstrual cramps.

Skin\Acne problems

The rinoleic acid can deal with numerous skin issues such as acne, bacterial infections, bursitis, fungal infections, itching, keratosis, sebaceous cysts, sprains and warts. Rub some castor oil to effectively cure these conditions. It can also help treat migraines, sunburns, gastrointestinal problems and Athlete’s foot.

Castor oil packs

Prepare castor oil packs to enjoy the oil’s health benefits. They are easily prepared: just fold a cloth in several layers and soak it in castor oil, then apply it on your skin. These packs can alleviate the pain caused by painful joints and muscles. To boost its effects, place a hot water bottle over the pack and leave it on for an hour. For best results, repeat the treatment thrice a week.

The castor oil packs can also be used for irritable bowel syndrome, digestive disorders, kidney stones, fibroids, ovarian cysts and swollen joints.