Rudolf Brojs is an Australian man who has dedicated his whole life to searching a cure for cancer. He managed to create a natural juice that helped more than 45 000 people defeat cancer and other serious diseases. Brojs is convinced that cancer survives with the help of proteins.

Rudolf developed a special eating regime which lasts for 42 days and includes consuming only tea and a beetroot-based juice. During this period, he claims that the drink kills cancer cells and improves your overall health. Here’s what the juice contains:

Beetroot – 55%

Carrots – 20%

Celery root – 20%

Potatoes – 3%

Radishes – 2%

Note: all the ingredients must be organic!


Preparing the juice is very simple – just put all the ingredients in a blender and mix until you get a smooth texture.

All the ingredients in the juice have powerful healing properties which can stop cancer. Beetroot, the main ingredient, has been used as a cure for leukemia for a long time. In order to defeat leukemia and other cancer types, experts recommend drinking raw beetroot juice every day until the condition improves.

Regular consumption of raw beetroot juice has other positive effects as well. This therapy can reduce oxidative stress and the fiber content of the vegetable can lower your high blood cholesterol levels. Beetroot can regulate your blood pressure and preserve the elasticity of your blood vessels which is why it works great against varicose veins. This healthy vegetable also contains iron, a mineral which cleans the blood of toxin accumulation.

Beetroot is often recommended to pregnant women due to the rich folic acid content which prevents birth defects. Raw beetroot juice stimulates the liver and gallbladder while preventing constipation, and combined with carrots it represents a powerful remedy against gout, kidney and gallbladder problems. This amazing vegetable juice can also help you in case of headaches, dysentery, bone pain, skin and menstrual problems.