Food in winter is richer with hard fat meals and it burdens the digestive system creating difficulties that can be removed with consuming tea form curable plants.Fresh fruit and vegetables, cereals, contain fibers necessary for the function of the hole digestive system, especially the intestines. The nutrition should also have special rhythm, so you don’t skip the meals.Because the body first uses the water reserves, than the degradation of the muscle mass starts and even it dissolve the fat. Also, it is not recommended big amount of food, because you will burden the stomach and increase creating the body fat.Food shouldn`t be very neither warm, nor cold because it irritates the digestive system. Meat, especially fat and salty, affects the most the digestive organs and its one of the main reasons for blood cholesterol. You should avoid sweets, especially cookies and dried cupcakes, because they produce very big secretion of the stomach acid.Stomach problems can be lowered by drinking chamomile tea, mint and melissa, which you will consume several sips during a day.To ease up the problems in the stomach caused by hard food, it is better to eat fruit salad with pineapple and papaya. The tea from yarrow helps too, and it should be covered with boiling water and should be consumed warm.