Cabbage is used as a food and as a medicine, needed for our organism to develop.

The power of green has been discovered many years ago. It helps anemia, used as a natural antiseptic, restoring vitamins and minerals.

Cabbage helps the ulcer in the stomach acting as a natural laxative, helps the chronic cough and morning hangover.

Eating cabbage for 2 or more times a week lowers the risk of suffering from colon cancer.

Cabbage juice is also very helpful. Helping with ear infections, using a clean cotton cloth or a swab soaked in the cabbage juice.

The juice is great for digestive tract or swollen feet. If carrot juice is added it is excellent for people with calcium deficiency and people suffering from osteoporosis.

Cabbage juice is full of vitamin C, U having strong anti-inflammatory action. Cleans the intestines, helping with constipation, supplying the body with sodium. Having problem with the gallstones, just add olive oil to the cabbage juice.