Many people have the perfect metabolism, or so we think. The genetic is very important and you can`t do anything about it but there is something you can do for your body and health.

Here are 13 ways that you can burn fat and boost your metabolism.

  1. Eat Frequently

If you eat more frequently it will help your metabolism to run smoothly all day long. If you think you need to skip meals to lose weight, you can`t be more wrong. Going longer period without food may slow your metabolism and cause weight gain.

  1. Eat clean

Your diet should contain majority of fruits, vegetables, protein and whole grains. Processed food is slower and difficult to digest.

  1. Eat in the morning

While you are sleeping the metabolism slows down because it is not being active. The best time is to eat first thing in the morning so that your metabolism starts to move and starts to work.

  1. Vitamin D

Your health needs sunlight. Vitamin D can help your metabolism to speed up. High level of vitamin D can mean high level of metabolism function.

  1. Periodic exercise

You need to make regular movements and maybe take stairs or quick walk frequently to keep your metabolism functioning. Don’t have to hit the gym many times a day, just move around and help your metabolism.

  1. Have protein snacks

It is best to consume protein-based snacks instead of carb-heavy snacks, because they digest quickly and leave you hungry.

  1. Short, frequent workouts

To let your metabolism do its best work, you just need to workout first thing in the morning. Kick your metabolism with short workouts and feel your metabolism working properly.

  1. Get Calcium

The intake of calcium daily helps support the metabolism. The vitamin D that you are getting from the sun needs to be processed with the help of calcium.

  1. Eat like a European

Europeans are eating large breakfast, medium sized lunch and small dinner. So at night the metabolism doesn’t have to work hard and digest the food.

  1. Epsom salt bath

Have an Epsom salt bath at night and draw out toxins to kick your metabolism. Have a bath with one cup of Epsom salt and speed your metabolism.

  1. Cold shower

Early in the morning you can shock your metabolic system with cold shower.

  1. Stay hydrated

You need water for your system. Always stay hydrated so that you support your metabolism.

  1. Enough sleep is required

While you sleep your metabolism suffers. You need seven to nine hours a sleep per night so that you help your metabolism to work properly during the day.