First 6 days are the base of this dies, and the next 4 are additional. This diet is great vitamin source, speeds and regulates the metabolism. Broccolis are one of the healthiest vegetables.

Day 1 and 2 : breakfast- boiled broccolis no salt, 1-2 glasses of black tea no sugar; lunch- 150 g boiled chicken, vegetable soup, 100 g boiled broccolis; dinner- 250 g boiled broccolis, 1-2 glasses of black tea no sugar.

Day 3 and 4 : breakfast- boiled broccolis with a little olive oil; lunch- broccolis with tomatoes and onion, piece of boiled soy 200g; dinner- same as breakfast.

Day 5 and 6 : breakfast- broccoli salad with cream and 150 g boiled veil; lunch- 200g broccoli and a glass of yogurt; dinner- 150g boiled veil and 2 glasses of green tea.

Additional 4 days : breakfast- boiled broccolis and two whites from the egg; lunch- 200 g grilled fish and 150 g broccolis with fresh parsley; dinner- 4 spoons of oat meals with yogurt; dinner- shouldn’t be later than 19 hours, and before sleeping it is recommended to drink 400 ml green tea no sugar.