No one likes to clean the toilet: it’s considered the dirties part of every household, and you need to scrub the toilet bowl with chemical products to successfully eliminate all bacteria and microbes. The hard truth is that we’ve been deceived by the chemical industry in order for them to sell their products and profit of our troubles. There are many natural items which can easily and safely remove all the germs without the need for heavy scrubbing. Here are some recipes for these natural cleaners – try them yourself and see if they really work.

Baking soda

Baking soda is a mild abrasive powerful enough to make the toilet bowl shiny again. Pour half a box of baking soda in the toilet bowl in the evening and let it work overnight. In the morning, flush the toilet for a couple of times until all the baking soda vanishes. Next, take a toilet brush and remove any remaining filth (if there’s still present) and your toilet bowl will look like a new one!

Vinegar and baking soda

This is a powerful combination which can clean even the toughest stains off every surface. Baking soda does not contain antimicrobial properties, so to successfully disinfect the toilet bowl, mix some white vinegar in the baking soda. The vinegar is a mild acid which will kill all bacteria, eliminate the odor and it is perfectly safe to use.

Spray the vinegar on the toilet bowl and leave it on for half an hour.  Next, take a toilet brush dipped in white vinegar and baking soda, scrap the sides of the bowl, and add baking soda until you’ve used it all. That’s it! Now you’ve got a pearly white and disinfected toilet bowl.