You probably remember that as a child, a glass of warm milk before going to bed helped you sleep better. Today we’re going to present a similar drink which will relax your body and mind and improve your sleep.

The drink contains turmeric, ginger, black pepper and coconut milk and is commonly known as golden milk. This amazing mixture will ease your anxiety and help you fall asleep quickly besides cleaning your body of toxins and waste. Consuming golden milk every day will also improve your overall health and prevent numerous diseases.

The efficiency of the drink lies in each of its ingredients. Turmeric is a spice that has been used to treat diseases for millennia. There are over 8000 studies which confirm its efficiency against almost all health problems. The active ingredient of turmeric, curcumin, has more than 150 medicinal properties and is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. It can relieve inflammation in the body and stops the release of a certain protein that is responsible for pain and swelling. Inflammation is a dangerous process which can lead to serious diseases and conditions including cancer.

According to studies, curcumin can strengthen your immune system, clean your liver, promote heart health, accelerate the healing of wounds, regulate your blood pressure and prevent diabetes, regulate your cholesterol levels, fight bacteria and microbes and destroy cancer cells.

Ginger is another healthy ingredient which is great against cancer and can help cancer patients recover from chemotherapy or radiation. It can also lower your blood pressure, regulate insulin secretion, destroy microorganisms, relieve nausea and pain and promote circulation. However, the root is mostly recognized for its ability to treat respiratory problems which is unmatched.

Coconut milk contains medium-chain fatty acids (MCTs) which have numerous health benefits. The milk is rich in essential vitamins and minerals and is often used to prevent colds and the flu, fight bacterial infections, promote teeth and bone health and soothe the nervous system.

Here’s how to prepare the famous golden milk:


1 teaspoon of turmeric

1 small piece of ginger root

¼ of a teaspoon of black pepper (to improve the bioavailability of turmeric)

2 cups of coconut milk

Honey to taste


Mix all the ingredients (sans the honey) in a saucepan, then cook the mixture on medium heat until you notice bubbles on the surface. When they appear, simmer the mixture on low heat for another 5 minutes, then let it cool down a bit before adding the honey.

Drink a cup of golden milk in the morning on an empty stomach to boost your energy levels and feel better during the day. Adding some cinnamon in the drink will provide a pleasant aroma and help you sleep better if you drink it before bedtime.