You must have heard about blackberry wine. It’s a potion that you can at least say it’s a cure. It’s an elixir of health, containing powerful ingredients that can revitalize and feed every part of your body. If you still don’t know how to prepare it then read the article that follows….

What can blackberry wine be used for? – Blackberry vine is a cure for anemia, increased triglycerides and cholesterol, fallen immune system and lower general health condition. Its great for cleaning the blood, curing skin diseases, enhances the mood and revitalize the body. These are good enough reasons for you to try and make it…

Recipe for blackberry vine– You need to get 5 kg of blackberries, which you will put in a big bowl. After you wash them well and put them in the bowl, start pressing them. The best way is to do it by hands. After they are pressed good in the blackberries add 1.5 kg sugar. Make sure the bowl is not filled to the top but you should leave few cm of the top. Cover the bowl with a gauze and leave it in a cool place. After 10 days collect the first thick layer that appears on the surface with a spoon, and the liquids should be strained through gauze. After straining leave the liquid for 10 more days. After this period the liquid should be strained again and put in glassed bottles. The bottles should be closed with gauze, not a cork, because they will crack. They should be left like that for one more month and after that month you can put a cork.

Way of use: – Drink every morning and every evening before going to bed 100 ml from this potion. If you are anemic, this therapy with blackberry vine should be taken 3 months regularly, and then do your check up. Blackberry vine is great for all ages no matter if you have a problem or not, it’s a great prevention in many diseases, including cardiovascular and malignant.