Although the green tea is the most used tea lately, the black tea has got long tradition and confirmed quality.

Black tea is the most sold tea in the western countries, and he actually, as the scientists like to say, birth brother of the green tea and both come from the plant Carnellia sinensis. Besides green and black tea this plant gives us white tea also, all three have great influence on the body. Black tea in combination with his brothers contains the biggest amount of caffeine, which means that this tea is the great substitution for coffee and energetic drinks. Many times the curable substances of this tea have been researched. Almost all of this research have confirmed that the tea has great effect on the health of the heart and the blood vessels, scientists say that it is specially good that it prevents inflammations of the blood vessel walls that prevents many diseases.

Besides improving the functioning of the heart this tea is great for improving the brain function, and the function and health of the lungs. Scientists say that it is a great drink which should be used in the period of physical and psychological activity, because it gives the concentration, energy and enhances the reflex, that makes this potion suitable for drivers too. If we are talking about antioxidants we can say that they ar not as many as in the green tea, and we should emphasize that they have a specific role in maintaining the body, slowing the aging and protecting from carcinoma.