The carrot is filled with carotene. This carotene then becomes vitamin A that enhances the skin, hair and nails health. Vitamin A is good for the liver, the stomach and the intestines, as well as the heart, the sight and the immune system overall.

Carrot juice is great means to clean your body from toxic waste, against polio arthritis, osteohondrosis, bad digestion, gastritis, constipation and hemorrhoids.

It mitigates fatigue caused by stress and intellectual work, and it also mitigates the fatigue of the heart muscle and regulates the body weight as well.

Carrot juice is best consuming in the morning before breakfast around 10 ml freshly squeezed juice. It is also recommended to keep in your mouth before swallowing because it is very efficient against bacteria. Besides this it is very good for the stomach acid, and only one glass.

Therefore, if possible, substitute your morning coffee cup with this excellent carrot juice.