It might sound strange, but putting a slice of onion on the soles of your feet can treat numerous diseases and conditions. This trick has been used since the 16th century and truly works against fever, colds and the flu, while also cleaning your body of toxins.

Onions are rich in numerous essential nutrients and possess powerful anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral properties. The presence of sulfur compounds is what gives the onions their incredible health benefits.

Our feet contain more than 7000 nerve endings, and specific points on them are linked to many of our internal organs. As soon as the onion comes in contact with the feet, its medicinal properties start healing the body.

Onion sock

The onion sock treatment is easily prepared – just slice an onion and put a slice in a sock, then put on your socks with the onion attached to the soles. You can secure the onion slices firmly with plastic wrap for the same effect. According to Dr. Lauren Feder, the treatment can cure many diseases and conditions including swollen lymph nodes, which are often an indication of infections in the body. “In addition to treating colds, onion poultice socks can be used for earaches, teething, and bladder infections,” she said.

Thousands of people have reported incredible results after trying the method. The treatment will work for babies and children as well, although we recommend using shallots for babies as they are easier to apply on their small feet. Try this natural treatment yourself the next time you’re down with the flu and you will be amazed by the results!