Drink 1

Consuming ginger will help you lose weight, eliminate toxins, helps the digestion and fat burning speeding up the metabolism by 20 %.

Washing your face with ginger tea will keep your skin young and fresh for a long time. Just use it once a day.


Slice the ginger root in thin slices and place them in a thermos. Add hot water and consume it during the day 30 minutes prior a meal. Try it and see how effective it is.

It is recommended for those trying to lose weight fast.

Drink 2


1 lemon

1 lime

1 teaspoon ginger root ( grated)

2 l water

1 cucumber

12 mint leaves


Peel and shred the cucumber in thin pieces, shred the lime, the lemon, the ginger too. Put 4.5 l water and 12 mint leaves in a bottle and add all of the other ingredients. Keep refrigerated over the night and consume it the next day. 2 glasses a day, 30 minutes prior a meal.