In the winter the colds and flu conditions are very regular and pretty boring occurrence.Today we will offer you a very efficient recipe that will easily help you deal with the symptoms like clogged nose, cough, throat pain etc.We are talking about homemade solution of apple vinegar, honey and lemon. Consuming this solution will strengthen your immune system and will provide you with energy.For preparing it you will need: half a glass of water, half a glass of apple vinegar, one spoon of honey, one tea spoon of hot red pepper and several pieces of lemon.Boil the water, poor it in a glassed jar and add the apple vinegar. Straight after add the pepper, honey and mix it.After that add the lemon pieces and inhale the smoke until the liquid is still very hot and its vaporizing, and after its cold you can drink it.You can use this mixture instead of tea, and if the pepper seems too spicy, you can easily replace it with a same dose of ginger.