Consuming the apple vinegar in small doses helps lowering the appetite and at the same time stimulates the materiel exchange. The metabolism speeds up, and with it the process of dissolving the fat cells piled up in our body. You should know that with using this product regularly for 2 months you will achieve incredible results.

How to use the apple vinegar to lose weight?

Be careful when choosing the apple vinegar, because often the products that are being sold on the market contain apple essence and don’t have the same characteristics as needed. You need a natural product so the best option is to create it yourself.Feel up a deep jar with sliced apples, cover them with water and add sugar. After that leave the mixture to ferment, and when this happens, strain the liquid and pour it in a sterile glassed bottle or jar.

How to consume the apple vinegar?

Dilute 2 spoons of it in 250 ml of water. The same amount should be consumed 3 times a day, after each meal.